• Trendy Gdansk at night

  • Like the sign says - Just good strong coffee

  • Gdansk Harbour on the Vistula River

  • The working harbour of Gdansk

  • Old cobblestone street in Gdansk

  • Old Baltic boat in Gdansk harbour

Gdansk – A true gem of Poland

In the north of Poland on the Baltic Sea lies the beautiful city of Gdansk. Take at least a full day – more if you prefer to move at a

  • Bonifacio citadel

  • Autumn is in the air

  • Corsica Calanques

  • The dramatic coast of Bonifacio

  • Calvi's beautiful bay & harbour

  • Autumn in Corsica

  • A visit to the traditional port in Bastia

  • Corte in the heart of Corsica

Can we recommend Corsica? of course we can!

What an island of surprises Corsica proved to be. It may not have been on your radar as a destination but having visited,  its many delights deserve to be shared.

  • The popular destination of Trakai

  • Rowing boats near Trakai castle

  • 'Egle' Queen of the Serpents - Palanga Botanical Sculpture Garden

  • Art in the park

  • Seaside flowers

  • Sailing ship in Klaipeda port

  • Visit the Hill of Crosses Lithuania

  • Visit Trakai Island Castle

  • Rowing boats near Trakai Castle

Lithuania, The Baltics – One of the gems of Europe

Allow at least a week to see the best of what Lithuania has to offer, including the following highlights.
Without a doubt, the capital city Vilnius, is a treasure.  The

  • Stroll down the quaint streets

  • Old wooden Lutheran church in Turaida Park, Latvia

  • Latvian National Opera House Riga

  • The Old Town of Riga and its market square

  • Sigulda New Castle

  • Riga Latvia's Capital

  • Street art in Latvia

Latvia – rich in UNESCO world heritage listed sites

Latvia, part of the Baltic States (a term used by the locals), is a small country with a small population. But there’s much to see and do, around the capital

  • Catch the street performers in the square

  • Inside Kumu Museum

  • Riga's Central Market is located in old German Zeppelin hangars

  • The pretty cityscape of Tallinn

  • Meet your friends in the old town square Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia – Small city, weird language

Arriving on the ferry from Helsinki, two things grabbed my immediate attention about this small, sophisticated, medieval capital city. First, it is one of the most charming and beautiful cities

  • Magnificient Valletta Harbour

  • Local boatman in Valletta Harbour

  • The most famous building in Mosta is the Rotunda

  • Fort Saint Elmo in Valletta

  • The Blue Grotto in Gozo

  • The motto of the village is 'Non Nisi Per Ardua' means 'Only with Ability'

  • Walking in the cool laneways

  • Love Malta - we sure do

  • Mosta Rotunda ceiling

  • Living the simple life in Malta

  • Valletta Watch Tower

Malta is definitely the mouse that roared

Malta is definitely the mouse that roared. It is tiny yet impressive enough for the country to be awarded the George Cross for bravery in World War II. Blue Dot

  • Small islet of Sveti Stefan

  • The fortifications of Kotor

  • Magnificient Bay of Kotor

  • Wonderful old towns to explore

  • Church of St Archangel Michael Herceg Novi

  • Medieval clock tower in Kotor

  • Old town of Kotor

Montenegro – The Black Mountain

If you didn’t know that Montenegro was a country, don’t despair – you’re not on your own! While many travellers from Australia have discovered neighbouring Croatia as a fabulous destination, not so

  • Bear Rock Porto Cervo at Capo d'Orso

  • Orgosolo painted mural

  • Sardinia vineyard

  • Su Gologone Hotel

  • A wonderful feast at Pabillonis

  • Castlesardo's castle at the top

  • Bosa one of Sardinia's most attractive towns

  • Suckling pig Sardinian style

  • Picturesque Su Gologone hotel

  • Mural at Orgosolo

  • Wonderful countryside

Captivating Sardinia

I came to Sardinia with few preconceptions, except about its reputation for brigands and kidnappings. Our itinerary included a visit to the mountain village of Orgosolo, a headquarters for the

  • Bonifacio Citadel

  • Wonderful Corsican cheese

  • Bonifacio port and marina

  • Kings Aragon Steps

  • Seagull and the cliffs of Bonifacio

  • Bonifacio atop its Limestone promontory

  • Azure blue water of Corsica

  • Corsican olives anyone?

  • Meet the locals

  • Dramatic face of Bonicacio

  • Stunning Corsican cove

Bonifacio – Corsica – A wonder to behold

One of our best experiences was a day trip from St Teresa di Gallura on the northern tip of Sardinia on a ferry to Corsica.  Bonifacio  is a town on the

  • Beautiful Split Harbour

  • Harbour of Hvar Island

  • Rooftops from Dubrovnik wall

  • Walls of Dubrovnik

  • Terracotta roof tops

  • View from Castle Hvar

  • Dubrovnik Church Tower

  • Dubrovnik Harbour

  • View from Hvar Castle

Croatia with its picture perfect coastal towns

Croatia could be described as the “new” Italy for Australian travellers. The people, the pace of life and the food are considered “similar but different”.  If you haven’t visited

  • The famous Bikini Girls mosaic

  • Images from the Great Hunt

  • Inside Villa Romana

  • Bringing back the wild boar

  • Gentlemen hunting scene

  • The cheeky embrace

  • Elephant boarding a boat

  • Fishing from a boat

  • Lion kill mosaic

  • Most likely created by north African craftsmen

Villa Romana del Casale – Wonders of Sicily

A major highlight of our visit to Sicily was Villa Romana del Casale, a Roman Villa built in the first quarter of the 4th century and located about 3km outside the

  • The origin of nuraghes is uncertain

  • Nuraghes from prehistoric Sardinian culture

  • Each nuraghe is different from the other

  • Each nuraghe contains hundred of stones

  • Stand only by virtue of the weight of the stones

  • Large stones on the base of nuraghe

Nuraghes from prehistoric Sardinian culture

No one can visit Sardinia without becoming aware of the island’s ancient Nuraghes, built between 1500-1200 BC. They are Bronze Age circular towers built with local rock without mortar of