Joanne Coughlan

13 May 2019

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Lithuania, The Baltics – One of the gems of Europe

Allow at least a week to see the best of what Lithuania has to offer, including the following highlights.

Without a doubt, the capital city Vilnius, is a treasure.  The old town was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, back in 1994. It had a strong Jewish influence up until the 20th Century, so much so that Napoleon is said to have called it the Jerusalem of the north! The city has many museums but if you are not a traditional museum-goer then at least head to the fascinating and poignant Museum of the Genocide Victims. 

Vilnius is a great place to eat or just pause for coffee not just because there are some good restaurants in the Old Town but because it must be one of the best people-watching places in the Baltics. There are numerous squares with locals and tourists going about their day, all set against beautiful architecture in every direction.   

The most popular tourist destination in Lithuania is the township of Trakai with its castle and other medieval buildings. Located about 30 minutes from the capital allow a good 3 hours to visit and do not forget your camera. A reflection of the orange towers on the lake, with a boat or two in the foreground, is pretty special.  

The former capital city – Kaunas – is another city definitely worth exploring. Ensure you make time to see the medieval castle and wander through the old town’s streets. There are numerous cafes (good coffee) and places to eat where you can sit and people watch. 

For a fix of “quirkiness”, head to the Hill of Crosses in the north of the country. There are an estimated 100,000 plus crosses – of all sizes – placed on a small hill which origins are not properly known. It’s thought that the original crosses may have been placed there by the family of the deceased, around 1830 after civil unrest.   

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