A word or two from our clients

The Stans would have to be one of the best trips I’ve been on not only because of the countries, people and guides but because of Blue Dot, Marion and our group. You were all a great bunch of fellow travellers with a keen sense of humour. Maybe one day our paths will cross on another Blue Dotter. If you ever come to Adelaide don’t hesitate to contact me.

Susan White

“I will very happily travel with Brod and Jo. This was my second time they are thoughtful and great company. As this was an inaugural trip there will be some tweaking. Overall it was a great trip lots of amazing sights and the people were fab including our drivers our guides and our group.”

Nanette Dodds

“Our guide Yuki, was the best guide we have ever encountered on all our many travels. Yuki’s charming, cheerful personality, her patience, her excellent English and amazing general knowledge and in-depth history knowledge, plus her time keeping and thorough attention to detail made her absolutely outstanding. Using maps, diagrams and pictures, each day before departing, Yuki ensured that everyone was well informed about every aspect of the daily itinerary (including the weather forecast!). We felt privileged to have such a professional guide with such a great sense of humour.”

Richard and Vanessa Arndell

“I wish to thank you for having Kamchatka on your list of tours and I appreciated the opportunity to go there.
Adventure travel interests me as I like the wild, remote and mountainous places, the scenery and wildlife, and Kamchatka had it all, including hot springs. The range of activities was excellent and the food also. Our Kamchatka guide was exceptional and a great ambassador for her country. I’m still raving about the trip to anyone who will listen and I thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer.”

Lynne Newman

“Have already recommended you to several friends.”

Carol Coffey

“Luxury travel is not about first class hotels and flights, it is about the rare and authentic immersive experiences that get beneath the skin of the destination. The most precious of things cannot be held in one hand and bought or sold. True worth has little to do with lustre or consistency or carats or thread count. There is nothing more valuable to humans than rich connection and rare experience. For me, the privilege of connection and being transplanted into someone else’s rich heritage in a foreign land even for a brief moment or two gives enduring memories and joy! Blue Dot does this well. Many thanks as always.”

Betty Liew

“Karen Green is a true asset to Blue Dot Travel. She epitomises the qualities required of a Tour Leader. She loves people and knows how to approach them (without putting them down if the occasion requires it), is kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and a truly wonderful person!”

Stewart and Gayle Cole

“Thank you very much for a most enjoyable holiday.”

Margaret Nickolas

“I have travelled alone, as a couple and in groups but have to say this was the most enjoyable in terms of group dynamics.”

Margaret Campbell

“Keep up the great work!”


“I have just completed a 10 day tour of country NSW and being a seasoned traveller was very impressed with the quality of this tour. Small group of 4 people on this one but normal group size is 6. We travelled in an extremely comfortable Toyota which had seats like armchairs only 2 abreast. We visited and stayed on country properties ate with the hosts and I personally learnt a lot about life on the land. Would definitely recommend Blue Dot tours for your next trip if you are looking for a great experience in a small group atmosphere and interesting destinations.”

Carole Blackman