Blue Dot Travel is a boutique tour operator with an office located in North Sydney, NSW.

Blue Dot’s core business is crafting and managing small group tours to unique destinations, both in Australia and around the world. Each itinerary is hand-tailored and unique. We offer an extensive range of bespoke small group tours with group sizes between 4 and 16 travellers. On our international tours, if there are more than 10 travellers, we provide an Australian tour leader for additional support and to ensure the tour runs smoothly from start to finish. Blue Dot enjoy taking our groups away from the busy tourist trail, venturing further to experience the lesser known gems and be fully engaged in learning about a region and its history, without missing any of the must-sees along the way. Blue Dot Travel don’t sell off-the-shelf tours. We’re passionate about travel and love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with like-minded travellers.

Four passionate travellers own Blue Dot Travel. Brett and Kate Goulston launched Blue Dot Travel in 2011. They bought a hobby business and have grown it into a successful boutique travel agency. Brett and Kate consider themselves travel “tragics”. Having two daughters did not prevent them from seeing the world. They were simply taken along for the ride.

In 2016, Brod Brennan and Joanne Coughlan came on board as joint owners of our boutique travel agency. Having travelled extensively, their involvement in the business was a natural progression after they had led tours to various destinations for Blue Dot. Between the four owners, they have travelled to well over 180 countries, many on multiple occasions. While the four owners travel with customers regularly, Blue Dot Travel also employs a selection of tour leaders. Karen Green, Gordon McRonald, Simon Hart and Paul Bennett are regulars.

Why the name Blue Dot?

The Pale Blue Dot is the name given to the photograph of Planet Earth taken from Voyager 1 in 1990. It is the most distant photograph of Earth ever taken – an incredible 6.1 billion kilometres. The vast expanse of the world can seem impossibly huge, but we aim to make the Pale Blue Dot smaller by offering comprehensively tailored travel solutions to unique and extraordinary destinations.

Our Regular Tour Leaders
Brett Goulston | Owner | Tour Leader
Brod Brennan and Joanne Coughlan | Owners | Tour Leaders
Gordon McRonald | Tour Leader
Karen Green | Tour Leader
Simon Hart | Tour Leader