• Camels in the desert - no better transport

  • Marnie and Holly Goulston around the indoor kitchen with the locals

  • Amazing colours of the desert

  • Brett Goulston hanging out with the locals

  • Wadi Rum and its lunar landscape

  • A moment with one of the locals

Wadi Rum and its lunar like landscape

Jordan had a little surprise in store for us: we came to tour Petra but it was Wadi Rum that blew us away with its special kind of magic. It

  • What do make of all these Australians

  • Meet the locals

  • City view of Tehran

  • Flag of Iran

  • Brett at a local restaurant

  • Local Tehran students

  • Visit the carpet museum in Tehran

  • View of Tehran

Tehran – it’s not what you think

I cannot recall visiting any country in any part of the world where the people are more welcoming than in Iran. This might sound like a big statement but it’s true. Within my first 24

  • Ancient city of Petra

  • Camels in Jordan

  • Cool off in the pool

  • This might be your camel

  • Desert sunset

  • Brett Goulston and guides in Jordan

  • Ready for your camel ride?

Two of the best in Jordan

Often it’s a country’s capital city that offers a tourist the best things to see and do with the most important places of interest usually located there. This is not

  • Ancient citadel - Tower of David

  • Ultra orthodox children

  • Israel's Negev desert is magic

  • Dinner Tel Aviv style

  • The Bell Caves have a unique sound

  • Explore the landscape of the Negev Desert on camel

  • The Dead Sea - lowest point on earth

  • Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

  • Palestinian man enjoying his lunch

  • Fascinating ancient ruins of Beit She'an

Why you simply must visit Israel

Israel has many unofficial names including The Jewish State, The Promised Land and the Land of Milk and Honey. But it could also be called Iswowl! There is so much

  • Iranian women

  • Ancient city of Bishapur

  • Beautiful places to visit in Iran

  • Dried herbs used in Persian cuisine

  • Friendly locals in Iran

  • Turquoise tiles of Iran

  • Persian gardens

  • Beautiful eggplants for sale

  • Rolling dough for dinner

  • Architectural columns with blue tiles

  • Want to buy a carpet?

Iran – Gem of the Middle East

Often when you mention to a friend or family member that you plan to tour Iran or have an interest to, it is often met with a question of “Why?”