29 Jul

The Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia

The Flaming Cliffs is an escarpment on the edge of the Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia, by road some 660kms from the capital Ulaanbaatar. The cliffs became famous in 1923 when young American explorer and palaeontologist Dr Roy Chapman Andrews from the American Museum of Natural History discovered the first dinosaur eggs and the now […]


27 Aug

Naadam Festival in Mongolia – “The Three Games of Men”

Mongolia’s annual Naadam Festival first ran in 1920 but has its roots in the centuries-old traditions of the great Khans. The “three manly sports” of wrestling, archery and horse racing — the three skills that Chingis Khan valued most for his Mongol warriors — are showcased each July as part of Mongolia’s annual Naadam Festival. […]


23 Jul

Sacred Ovoo’s of Mongolia

According to Wiktionary an Ovoo is a shamanistic cairn found in Mongolia, usually made from rocks or wood and found on or around mountains.  These large piles are found on mountain passes, many built simply as markers for distances but most are repositories of offerings for local spirits – Shamans were the holy men of the ancient Mongols, credited with […]