12 Aug

Infatuated by the beauty of Ilulissat Greenland

Bucket lists were pretty much invented for places like Greenland. Perhaps it is because of the immense sense of magic and wonder is present in every moment of every single day. There is not one part of this experience that does not impress and excite. To reach Ilulissat, fly with Air Greenland from Reykjavik or […]


17 Dec

Iceland – Heaps of “wow”!

We visited Iceland on a recce in 2013. The brief to ourselves was to develop an itinerary providing a “best of” and some lesser-known parts of the country for our small group tours Iceland. Apart from what we had read and seen in magazines and brochures, we didn’t really know what to expect. We spent […]


3 Dec

Arctic Wildlife wildlife and more wildlife – Arctic Part 2

Our trip was all about the Arctic wildlife. The best opportunity to photograph a bear surely had to be the site where the remains of a sperm whale had been drawing bears for at least a month. There is never more than one bear at a time, with the bear hierarchy strictly enforced. But there’s […]


26 Nov

Arctic Part 1 – Exploring Svalbard

It’s coldish up here in the Arctic, ranging from daily maximum of 1 degree celsius to an incredibly warm 10 degrees. On the warm days, we shed layers like reptile skins. Svalbard is a group of Norwegian islands that extend to just above 80 degrees north. If we went that far south in Antarctica we […]


5 Nov

Iceland – Lots of green and lots of ice

Iceland conjures up images of a remote island in the arctic, with freezing temperatures and a small population. After all, who could live on an island in the middle of nowhere with icy cold winds blowing for most of the year?  While this is pretty much true, there are still many reasons to visit this […]