Responsible Travel

Tourism is one of the most important and largest industries on the planet. It employs more people worldwide than any other, with millions of local families relying on tourism for their daily needs. 

As tourism becomes a truly global industry, we recognise our obligation to operate our tours in a responsible and sustainable fashion. We view this not only as an environmental issue but an economic and social one as well. Above all, we are committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts and the natural environment that we are there to experience. We also believe that by following these policies we can provide a more rewarding and interesting experience to you our clients.

The following are the key points in our philosophy:

  • Our small groups have less impact on the local communities and the environments that we visit.
  • Where possible we believe in putting money directly into the communities we visit by using locally owned and run accommodation and eating locally produced food.
  • Our preference is to use locally owned partners in our destinations, and using local guides and drivers.
  • We endeavour to ensure that our practices help in the environmental conservation of the areas we visit.
  • We review our itineraries to ensure that our included activities do not have a negative impact on animal welfare.
  • We provide our clients with reusable metal water bottles to help reduce the level of plastic in our environment.
  • We encourage our travellers to purchase from local suppliers, as well as supporting social enterprises, local trade, arts and crafts.
  • We provide our clients with advice on how to respect the social, cultural and religious beliefs of local communities.