About Us

Four passionate travellers own Blue Dot Travel.

Brett & Kate Goulston started the company in 2011. They bought a “hobby business” and turned it into a highly successful, boutique travel agency. Brett & Kate could be considered travel “tragics”. “Have bag, will travel” could be their motto. Their two daughters never prevented them from seeing the world. They were simply taken along for the ride.

In 2016, Brod Brennan and Joanne Coughlan came on board as joint owners. Having also travelled extensively, their involvement in the business was a natural progression after they had hosted tours to various destinations for Blue Dot. Between the four owners, they have travelled to well over 100 countries, many of these on multiple occasions. The one thing they all have in common… they can’t get enough of travel. While the four owners travel with customers regularly, Blue Dot Travel also employs a selection of tour hosts. Angela Dooley, Paul Bennet, Karen Green and Marion Fagan are regulars.

Blue Dot Travel specialise in small group tours to unique destinations around the globe. We average just 14 people on tour which means flexibility and a level of personal service not available on large group tours. We like to immerse our clients in the local food, history, culture and lifestyle. Itineraries include the must-see destinations along with the lesser known places and experiences. All of our tours are tailored and meticulously planned. Nothing we offer is “off-the-shelf”. Blue Dot Travel tours are fully guided by in-country, professional tour guides. Our tours are also hosted from Australia with 10 travellers or more, adding even more service and support.

Why the name? The Pale Blue Dot is the name given to the photograph of Planet Earth taken from Voyager 1 in 1990. It is the furthest photo of planet Earth ever taken  - from an incredible 6.1 billion kilometres!

Blue Dot Travel is a fully licensed travel agency. Our office is in St. Leonards, Sydney, just near the train station, however our clients come from all over the country. We’re passionate about travel and love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with like-minded travellers. Come travel to unique destinations with us.