• Safari outing Kanha National Park
    Wildlife of Central India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $4,990

    The central Indian forests have inspired many writers over the centuries including Kipling and Forsyth, to name a few. Amidst the thrill of tracking predators such as big cats on game drives, the contrast in habitat and a mixed variety of vegetation in the three different parks add to the diversity of flora and fauna. Exploring these well-kept tiger reserves we’ll take canoes on the river, jeep safaris, and walks inside the core of the jungle. This journey will allow the traveller to get a deeper insight into the central Indian wilderness at the heart of India – the popular, well-explored Kanha that features on every wildlife enthusiast’s list, the Pench corridor that forms a continuum with Kanha, and the offbeat Satpura National Park that is emerging as a veritable sanctuary for wildlife today.

  • Carved stone figures at Parsurameswara Temple
    Beyond Temples and Backwaters – Southern India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $4,990

    Beyond north India’s kingdoms and culture, Central India’s jungles and South India’s temple trails – there are a few detours for the discerning traveller; Along this way, one can tap into the urban pulse of Bangalore, retrace the history and traditions of Mysore, learn about the adventures of a saint who started coffee cultivations in India, capture the wildlife of Kabini and Wayanad in your cameras, smell the flavours of Mopilah cuisine at Thalassery and unwind in the tropical beaches of Neeleshwar.

  • Leopard spotting on safari in india
    Big Cats of Wild West India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $6,250

    For wildlife-lovers, nothing is as alluring as the big cats of India. The Royal Bengal tiger once roamed freely across the Indian subcontinent, but trophy hunting and habitat destruction have endangered populations, which are restricted to a few areas, today. Gir in the state of Gujarat is the last refuge for the Asiatic lion, offering a chance to glimpse these rare creatures in the wild. The land of leopards and shepherds – Bera’s unique habitat that allows the elusive big cat and the Rabari community to co-exist. Walk on the wild side with the kings of the jungle! Come with us, as we peel back the different layers of India for you. Wherever you venture from, you will find something that touches your heart in India.

  • Ladakh-India-Panoramic-view-of-Leh
    Mountains, Monasteries and Monks of Ladakh India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $4,500

    In a country of a billion and a half and still counting, Ladakh is one of those rare places where people are few and far between. While high passes and spectacular mountains dominate the region, it is also a place that speaks of the thousands of years that travellers, craftsmen, religious dignitaries and nomads have come upon. A jewel in the crown of India, Ladakh not just amazes with its landscape and people, but also hides unique Wildlife. While many passes make up for what it is and what it means grammatically, yet experiencing a place like this is bound to leave every traveller breathless both spiritually and by altitude.

  • Leopard sighting on safari
    Hinterlands of Rajasthan India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $2,950

    Most people visit the desert state of Rajasthan for its imperial heritage; beautiful palaces, historic forts, regal Havelis or mansions, and it is indeed, a resplendent route to journey on. Yet who built these grandiose structures, who immortalised battle stories in song and dance, who told stories of the ancient feudal lords, and who sustained these fiefdoms of old? With this itinerary, you can retrace the dustier routes that the riches of ancient feudal kingdoms travelled by, to hear the history from the folk who’ve borne it to present-day.

  • Rhino sighting at Kazaringa NP
    Rhinos, Rivers and Remote Lands of Assam India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $5,597

    Assam is the tale of a river that romances with the lands. The River Brahmaputra carves itself through expansive grasslands and rice paddy fields and contains an array of remarkable river islands. Home to the one-horned rhinoceros, many mammals and exotic birdlife, the state exhibits stories of successful conservation. A land that has always been welcoming and open to novelty, Assam’s culture is fashioned from many unique traditions that seeped into its ethos with the passing of time. While you start your trip with the jewel of Kolkata, you slowly slide away into the simple, unhurried cultural landscapes of Assam. Welcome to the land of lahe, lahe – meaning slowly, slowly in Assamese.

  • Jaipur India, Amer Fort
    Ancient India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $4,500

    Most ancient civilisations trace its origins to river valleys. The fertile plains and perennial water supply lured the nomadic herdsmen to settle down, cultivate the land, and the surplus produce led to the establishment of cities, societies, priestly sects and empires. The Gangetic valley has the rare claim of having seen the rise of three major faiths: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. As you trail along the plains of the majestic Ganges, trace the legacy of those almost-forgotten empires and the tenets of three faiths, echoed by mute monuments, and re-enacted through timeless traditions.

  • Alaskan thin-horn sheep
    Alaska – Wilderness and Wildlife Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Alaska – the biggest state of the US is a nature lover’s utopia. Ice-capped mountains, forests full of wildlife, plus lakes and rivers full of fish. What’s not to love? You are almost guaranteed of seeing the bears. Caribou, moose and bison are also common. There are hundreds of bird species to be found, including the American bald eagle. Orca’s and various species of whales can also be spotted off the coast. If light trekking, log cabins and wilderness is your thing, this trip is for you.

  • Argentina Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    The Republic of Argentina is a large country – the world’s 9th largest – with a population of around 40 million people, mainly of Spanish and Italian decent.  The Spanish conquistadores arrived in the 16th century and virtually wiped out all of the indigenous people through violence, disease and disposition. Slaves from Africa were brought over in the 18th century mainly to work in the fields. The resulting culture is an eclectic mix of indigenous traditions, European influences and African rhythms including art, literature, dance and song.

  • Silverback gorilla on Uganda safari tours
    Uganda Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Uganda is a traveller’s dream because it has so much to offer in a relatively small place. If wildlife is your thing, Uganda offers the ultimate African experience because you’ll see both savannah and jungle species within a days drive. The gorillas are surely a highlight but certainly not the only reason to visit. The scenery is stunning, the safari style accommodation comfortable, there’s good food and wonderful locals. What’s not to love.

  • Best of Brazil Tours & Travel | Private tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    When we think of Brazil, we conjure images of happy, smiling faces, dancing and singing in the street, vibrant colours and a soccer ball on just about every street. Well, we can confirm, this is Brazil. Her best-known destination is Rio and Copacabana Beach with its beautiful bodies in skimpy swimming costumes. However, there is so much more to this diverse and culturally vibrant country. Brush up on your Portuguese and travel through a country with an amazing influence of cultures from local, indigenous peoples, slaves from Africa and Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese colonials.

  • Agios Savvas Monastery
    Crete, Cyprus and Rhodes Tours & Travel | Private tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    If history and Greek culture are of interest, these three larger Greek Islands are a must visit. Every direction you look will reveal another place if historical significance. In fact, much of the ancient world evolved around this region. Many great powers came, conquered and were replaced with other powers over thousands of years. Many UNESCO-listed remains are still visible today. Visit Crete, Cyprus & Rhodes for the history, but also for the food & wine, scenery, friendly locals and slow-paced lifestyle.

  • The famous ksar of Ait Ben Haddou in Morocco
    Morocco Tours & Travel | Private tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    A land of seemingly endless sand dunes, colourful mosaics and bustling souks filled with the fragrant aroma of spices and oils, Morocco is many a traveller’s dream destination. Ride a camel to a luxury tented camp in the middle of the desert, watch the sunrise over the Sahara, see Sultan’s tombs and explore traditional villages, forts and ancient walled cities before channelling your inner Ingrid Bergman or Humphrey Bogart at Rick’s Café in Casablanca.

  • Golden temple with shimmering reflection across a pond
    Japan in Spring Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Japan’s rugged peaks, rocky coastlines, gorges, lakes, waterfalls and dense forests are breath taking.  The country’s population of about 125,000,000, live in an area roughly the size of Tasmania when you take in to account the land usable for cultivation. March is a wonderful time to visit. The delicate pink clouds of the cherry blossom transform the gardens throughout the country. The locals celebrate with a Hanami – like a picnic where they gather to appreciate the blossoms.

  • Ancient columns at Persepolis in Iran
    Iran Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Home to one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures, Iran has become one of the hottest emerging travel destinations on the planet in recent years. With a moderate government now in place, adventurers are increasingly being drawn to the exotic Middle Eastern country to discover its treasures. Meander through bustling bazaars, majestic palaces and mosques and see the ruins of UNESCO World Heritage-listed temples, tombs and other archaeological sites to rival those in Egypt.

  • Kamchatka Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    The Kamchatka Peninsula is one of Russia’s least explored, but most scenically spectacular regions. The Kamchatka River and the surrounding central side valley are flanked by large volcanic belts containing around 160 volcanoes, 29 of them still active. Home to the largest volume of salmon on the planet, a vast array of wildlife including brown bears and pristine forests and lakes, Kamchatka is a wilderness like no other. Come and see this ultimate adventure destination before the world catches on!

  • Coquerel Sifaka lemur sitting under a tree in Madagascar
    Madagascar Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    David Attenborough referred to the island as “natures design laboratory”, because of the many unique creatures and vegetation, some of quite a primitive nature, which are found here. The terrain varies from tropical rainforest to desert, from high stony plateaus to lush green islands with many amazing geological and geographical formations throughout. Madagascar has a whole range of unique animals and plants, which have evolved here separated from the rest of the world, notably its famous lemurs. We will visit a number of their known habitats and search both day and night so that with a little luck, we will see a fair number.

  • Portugal escorted tours Algarve Portugal
    Portugal and the Azores Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Portugal is a traveller’s dream. You’ll find fortified towns with cobblestoned streets, well-preserved castles dating back to the medieval period, glorious beaches, food and wine to die for and magnificent coastal and inland scenery. It has no less than 15 UNESCO-listed cultural and natural sites. On our small group tour to this fascinating country, you will not only visit the best on offer on the mainland, but you’ll also visit the isles off the coast – Madeira, Sao Miguel, Faial and Pico in the Azores. The scenery on these volcanic islands will take your breath away, as will the fresh seafood at the numerous fishing villages on the coast.

  • Guyana tours tropical paradise
    Guyana Suriname and French Guiana Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    These three counties – Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana – sit on the Atlantic coastline of South America between Venezuela and Brazil. They are all highly multi cultural having fairly recent colonial pasts. With around 80% of the entire region forming part of the Amazon basin, each has a plethora of wildlife with giant anteater, giant otters, jaguars, caimans plus hundreds of other reptile and bird species commonly spotted!The rarest species of all in this region however, is the tourist!

  • Hamar tribesman wearing ornate beads around his neck
    Ethiopia Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    With its fabulous 3,000-year history, diverse peoples, vibrant culture, varied wildlife and fauna, and magnificent scenery embracing every land-form from high mountain plateaus to parched deserts, Ethiopia is a unique destination without peer. Add to this the one of the finest climates in Africa – “thirteen months of sunshine!” – and you have so many reasons to visit this incredible country. Interact with the ancient tribes of the Omo Valley, wind your way through cobbled stoned streets in Harar, see the rock-hewn churches of the Lalibela. Ethiopia provides a serious cultural hit.

  • Kochin's Fishing nets Southern India tours
    Southern India Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    There are so many reasons to visit this country – there is so much to see and do. Even though it is a relatively small
 it packs a lot of punch for the travellers. The indigenous and
 colonial history is fascinating. The food is fabulous. The scenery is spectacular. Plus, the abundance of wildlife — one of the draw-cards for travellers — will take you by surprise. It’s no wonder that in 2013, Lonely Planet rated it the ”hottest travel destination on the planet”, and they didn’t mean the weather!

  • Jerusalem's Western Wall in Israel
    Israel and Jordan Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date: To suit your group

    If it’s history, food and unique culture you’re after, these two destinations are a must-see. The Jewish State is a stand out success story with its high tech industry. A comparison of ancient Jerusalem with modern Tel Aviv may leave you scratching your head. Wadi Rum and Petra are Jordan’s two best-known attractions but Jordan has far more to offer. The people are amongst the friendliest you will meet. Join this tour certainly for the history, but also for the ancient and modern architecture, the natural beauty, the wonderful cuisine and vastly different cultures.

  • Salt pans drying in the sun and mounds of salt
    Sicily and Her Isles Travel and Tours | Private Tour

    Date:  to suit your group

    If you love food and wine, history and quaint villages, you cannot help but fall in love with Sicily – the Mediterranean’s largest island. Although governed by Italy, the locals are definitely Sicilian. They are passionate, talkative and laid back all at the same time. And don’t get in the way of a local and a TV screen – they are football-mad! The Aeolian Islands are also truly representative of the Mediterranean lifestyle – a slow pace of life, food & wine, sunshine and fishing villages – what is not to love.

  • Rila Monastery in Bulgaria
    Bulgaria Moldova Romania Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date: To suit your group

    With scenery to rival Switzerland, a growing reputation for cheese and wine and a surprising number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, it’s little wonder adventurous travellers are increasingly turning to Eastern Europe. Dine in centuries-old restaurants, wander along cobblestone streets and explore medieval castles – including the one said to have inspired the gothic horror novel Dracula in Transylvania – on our small group tours to Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova without the crowds, or high cost, of Western Europe.

  • Eagle hunter family
    Mongolia in Depth Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Mongolia – A land of horsemen and arid steppes that stretch from pristine glacial lakes to the massive Gobi. Even today Mongolian culture revolves around a nomadic heritage with the family ger at the centre of a tough and resilient people. Ulaanbaatar, the capital is an eclectic mix of Russian, Chinese and Tibetan influences with Tibetan Buddhist monasteries infused with Mongolian Shamanism. The Naadam festival is a true highlight where thousands flock to compete in the ancient sports of wrestling, archery and cross-country horse racing.

  • panoramic view of the Tbilisi from a cable car
    The Caucasus – Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date: To suit your group

    At the crossroads of Asia and Eastern Europe, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus is a unique travel destination. Few tourists visit this fascinating region, which includes Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, but those who do are struck by its beauty, culture and history. Guests on our Caucasus private tour will pass snow-capped mountains, glaciers and gorges; dine with local families and explore rock-hewn villages, mosques, UNESCO World Heritage-listed monasteries and churches.

  • See a Chettah in the wild - Small Group tours to Africa
    Botswana Namibia Cape Town & Victoria Falls Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Our multi-faceted, small-group tour of Southern Africa, takes in the very best the region has to offer. You’ll experience an amazing variety of landscapes, wildlife, ancient and colonial history, plus food and culture across four countries. You’ll see the stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Chobe NP and The Okavango Delta in Botswana plus, Etosha, Sossosvlei and the Fish River canyon in Namibia. Then there’s time for a little luxury in Cape Town, South Africa’s most beautiful city.

  • Baltic Countries and Poland Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – commonly referred to at The Baltics. Add near-by Poland and the region boast some of the best preserved medieval Old Towns anywhere in Europe. From the Hanseatic Tallinn to the Jugendstil Riga to the baroque Vilnius. Pixie hat-like red roofs top most houses. Massive soaring spires of castles and cathedrals, and domed cupolas of churches dominate the city skylines.  A fairy tale come true.

  • Lady sorting out the day's catch from her fishing net
    Sri Lanka Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    There are so many reasons to visit this country –there is so much to see and do. Even though it is a relatively small it packs a lot of punch for the travellers. The indigenous and colonial history is fascinating. The food is fabulous. The scenery is spectacular. Plus, the abundance of wildlife one of the draw cards for travellers will take you by surprise. It’s no wonder that in 2013, Lonely Planet rated it the ”hottest travel destination on the planet”, and they didn’t mean the weather!

  • Tiruchirappalli hindu temple Southern India
    Kingdoms and Colonies of Tamil Nadu – India Tours & Travel | Private tour
    From $2,900

    Tamil Nadu bears witness to a rich history of empires and dynasties, each left their mark in stone temples – the state’s major attractions. One can trace the history and the evolution of architecture, dance and music by studying temple motifs, and the age-old traditions and rituals continue to this day – making for a lively, cultural experience. From Tamil Nadu’s sandy beaches to its forested mountains, from temple towns to its tea plantation hill stations, Tamil Nadu can offer a plethora of travel options. In this itinerary, delve into the traditions and trades that allowed ancient kingdoms and colonial powers to vie for lands and commerce in Southern India.

  • Old church perched above lake Ohrid in Montenegro
    Balkan Countries Tours & Travel | Private Tour

    Date:  To suit your group

    The Balkans is a sprawling mountain peninsula comprising of, mainly, the former Yugoslavia. While many of the countries have been synonymous with political turmoil in modern history (Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914, sparking the First World War), the current reality is a collection of cultures now relishing their own identities, and enjoying a resurgence of interaction with the outside world. Our tour includes seven countries Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.