• Rib safari among icebergs
    Greenland Expedition Cruise – Extension departing from Iceland
    From $9,935

    Date: 8 to 23 July 2020
    16 Day Expedition Cruise – Disko Bay – The Heart of Greenland

    This Greenland expedition cruise explores the Disko Bay area, where colourful villages cling to rocky hills surrounding the inland ice. We will explore ice fjords, observe the rich Inuit culture and hope to encounter whales, seals and a plethora of sea birds along the way.

  • Oman - Qaboos Grand Mosque Muscat
    Oman Extension Tour
    From $2,500

    Date: To be taken before or after a Blue Dot Travel small group tour

    Blue Dot Travel’s Best of Oman tour, is a snap-shot and good introduction. It includes the capital Muscat, wadis, coastal and mountains regions and traditional style villages over six nights.

  • Kiev Monastery on your Ukraine tour
    Ukraine Extension Tour
    From $1,610

    Date:  Designed to be taken before or after a Blue Dot Travel small group tour

    Ukraine is a country made up of fertile plains and natural resources making it the target of many invaders over the years. Most recently it was part of the Soviet Union and to this day has a strong Russian influence, even if both governments don’t see eye to eye.   There are many interesting places for the traveller from Lvov’s UNESCO-listed old town to Kiev and the country’s Black Sea shores.  Traveller’s come for the food, history and natural beauty.

  • Timber gate entrance to walled property
    South Korea Tours & Travel | Extension tour only

    Start Date: Designed to be taken before or after a Blue Dot Travel small group tour

    South Korea is not on the list for many travellers however, it should be. Much of the country was ruled by the Joseon dynasty which lasted for over 500 years until the late 1800’s. There’s history all around you – and great food.  This extension tour is a great add on if you are travelling through Seoul.