• Alaskan thin-horn sheep

    Alaska – Wilderness and Wildlife Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    Alaska – the biggest state of the US is a nature lover’s utopia. Ice-capped mountains, forests full of wildlife, plus lakes and rivers full of fish. What’s not to love? You are almost guaranteed of seeing the bears. Caribou, moose and bison are also common. There are hundreds of bird species to be found, including the American bald eagle. Orca’s and various species of whales can also be spotted off the coast. If light trekking, log cabins and wilderness is your thing, this trip is for you.

  • Argentina Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    The Republic of Argentina is a large country – the world’s 9th largest – with a population of around 40 million people, mainly of Spanish and Italian decent.  The Spanish conquistadores arrived in the 16th century and virtually wiped out all of the indigenous people through violence, disease and disposition. Slaves from Africa were brought over in the 18th century mainly to work in the fields. The resulting culture is an eclectic mix of indigenous traditions, European influences and African rhythms including art, literature, dance and song.

  • Best of Brazil Tours & Travel | Private tour

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    When we think of Brazil, we conjure images of happy, smiling faces, dancing and singing in the street, vibrant colours and a soccer ball on just about every street. Well, we can confirm, this is Brazil. Her best-known destination is Rio and Copacabana Beach with its beautiful bodies in skimpy swimming costumes. However, there is so much more to this diverse and culturally vibrant country. Brush up on your Portuguese and travel through a country with an amazing influence of cultures from local, indigenous peoples, slaves from Africa and Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese colonials.

  • Guyana tours tropical paradise

    Guyana Suriname and French Guiana Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    These three counties – Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana – sit on the Atlantic coastline of South America between Venezuela and Brazil. They are all highly multi cultural having fairly recent colonial pasts. With around 80% of the entire region forming part of the Amazon basin, each has a plethora of wildlife with giant anteater, giant otters, jaguars, caimans plus hundreds of other reptile and bird species commonly spotted!The rarest species of all in this region however, is the tourist!