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    Mongolia in Depth Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    Mongolia – A land of horsemen and arid steppes that stretch from pristine glacial lakes to the massive Gobi. Even today Mongolian culture revolves around a nomadic heritage with the family ger at the centre of a tough and resilient people. Ulaanbaatar, the capital is an eclectic mix of Russian, Chinese and Tibetan influences with Tibetan Buddhist monasteries infused with Mongolian Shamanism. The Naadam festival is a true highlight where thousands flock to compete in the ancient sports of wrestling, archery and cross-country horse racing.

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    The Caucasus – Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    At the crossroads of Asia and Eastern Europe, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus is a unique travel destination. Few tourists visit this fascinating region, which includes Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, but those who do are struck by its beauty, culture and history. Guests on our Caucasus private tour will pass snow-capped mountains, glaciers and gorges; dine with local families and explore rock-hewn villages, mosques, UNESCO World Heritage-listed monasteries and churches.