• Silverback gorilla on Uganda safari tours

    Uganda Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    Uganda is a traveller’s dream because it has so much to offer in a relatively small place. If wildlife is your thing, Uganda offers the ultimate African experience because you’ll see both savannah and jungle species within a days drive. The gorillas are surely a highlight but certainly not the only reason to visit. The scenery is stunning, the safari style accommodation comfortable, there’s good food and wonderful locals. What’s not to love.

  • The famous ksar of Ait Ben Haddou in Morocco

    Morocco Tours & Travel | Private tour

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    A land of seemingly endless sand dunes, colourful mosaics and bustling souks filled with the fragrant aroma of spices and oils, Morocco is many a traveller’s dream destination. Ride a camel to a luxury tented camp in the middle of the desert, watch the sunrise over the Sahara, see Sultan’s tombs and explore traditional villages, forts and ancient walled cities before channelling your inner Ingrid Bergman or Humphrey Bogart at Rick’s Café in Casablanca.

  • Coquerel Sifaka lemur sitting under a tree in Madagascar

    Madagascar Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    David Attenborough referred to the island as “natures design laboratory”, because of the many unique creatures and vegetation, some of quite a primitive nature, which are found here. The terrain varies from tropical rainforest to desert, from high stony plateaus to lush green islands with many amazing geological and geographical formations throughout. Madagascar has a whole range of unique animals and plants, which have evolved here separated from the rest of the world, notably its famous lemurs. We will visit a number of their known habitats and search both day and night so that with a little luck, we will see a fair number.

  • Hamar tribesman wearing ornate beads around his neck

    Ethiopia Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    With its fabulous 3,000-year history, diverse peoples, vibrant culture, varied wildlife and fauna, and magnificent scenery embracing every land-form from high mountain plateaus to parched deserts, Ethiopia is a unique destination without peer. Add to this the one of the finest climates in Africa – “thirteen months of sunshine!” – and you have so many reasons to visit this incredible country. Interact with the ancient tribes of the Omo Valley, wind your way through cobbled stoned streets in Harar, see the rock-hewn churches of the Lalibela. Ethiopia provides a serious cultural hit.

  • See a Chettah in the wild - Small Group tours to Africa

    Botswana Namibia Cape Town & Victoria Falls Tours & Travel | Private Tour

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    Our multi-faceted, small-group tour of Southern Africa, takes in the very best the region has to offer. You’ll experience an amazing variety of landscapes, wildlife, ancient and colonial history, plus food and culture across four countries. You’ll see the stunning Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Chobe NP and The Okavango Delta in Botswana plus, Etosha, Sossosvlei and the Fish River canyon in Namibia. Then there’s time for a little luxury in Cape Town, South Africa’s most beautiful city.