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  • Brett & Holly Goulston at the falls

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  • Victoria Falls Hotel

Victoria Falls – The Smoke that Thunders

8 October 2018

Mosi-oa- Tunya translates to the Smoke that Thunders. It describes the world’s greatest sheet of falling water aptly, where over 500 million litres of water each minute, pours over the 1.5km wide gorge. At an average of about 90metres high, the UNESCO listed falls are not the highest falls in the world by any stretch, but they are the most spectacular. Victoria Falls had been a place I had wanted to see ever since I was a kid.

It did not disappoint. I arrived on the Zimbabwean side with my daughter and checked into our modest hotel. It was late in the afternoon so we gathered all the brochures we could find and read them over dinner. By the next morning, we were well and truly prepared for our adventure.

We walked to the entrance from our hotel which took about 20 minutes, paid our fees and followed the signs. There is one main track that follows the look outs. There are about 10 viewpoints in all and they are all sensational. What they don’t tell you is that you are bound to get wet from the amazing spray that the falls shoots up into the air. In fact, you get saturated – like it or not. (Tip… take a plastic bag for your camera).

The next morning we took a 15 minute helicopter flight over the falls. It was as spectacular as I had expected it to be. The pilot crisscrossed the main section so we could get a view from all angles. To do justice with the views, you need video and still photos. There are about 4 companies offering flights and they are all negotiable, so don’t accept the first price offered.

After the flight, my daughter and I went to have high tea at the famous Victoria falls Hotel. While we were there, I checked the room cost at reception and managed to negotiate a cheaper, but still expensive room for one night. After all, we had been camping so we owed ourselves a little luxury!  Our Namibia Botswana Victoria falls tour also includes Cape Town and is 24 days of wildlife, magnificent scenery, colonial history, interaction with the locals and a whole lot more. 

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Blog and photos by Brett Goulston